Politics and International Relations

Photo of Hannah Engber
Photo of Hannah Engber

Hannah Engber


International Relations


Anthropology, German, and Politics


  • Peer Associate, Career and Professional Development
  • Dispatcher, Campus Safety
  • Chapter President, Young Americans for Liberty


My research is on the change in counterterrorism measures from nations after they experience massive terror attacks. I compare and contrast the United States and Spain in Bureaucratic Institutions and their Foreign Relations and look into the impact of these differences on domestic settings. I worked with Dr. Evans to continue my research through this semester and presented it at the Northeastern Political Science Association’s yearly conference. 

My Experience

Most Valuable

The freedom that this program gave me was the most valuable aspect for me. I truly appreciated the chance to be in total control of my own research. I really learned a lot about myself and where my interests lie in my field and I was able to fine-tune this research to what I was interested in. 

Most Challenging

The most challenging part for me was trying to be organized. I had to create my own schedule and make sure I was caught up on reading and making sure I was using my time efficiently. However, learning how to be so organized has definitely help me stay on top of my classes through this semester.