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The Engaged Parents


Holly and Christian Bormann P’18, P’21


This past August, Holly and Christian Bormann P’18, P’21, rejoiced as their youngest daughter Caroline joined older sister Kate as a student at Ursinus College. The Bormanns expressed that it was a natural decision for Caroline since she had already experienced the warmth and embracing culture of the college. Ursinus stood out from other institutions because of the connection she felt before she decided to attend.


“We were so touched by the caring and supportive faculty and staff who made the entire process seamless,” says Holly, “I actually think Caroline’s mind was made up to attend Ursinus three years before she was ready to go to college!” 

For Holly and Chris, Ursinus also feels like home. They describe the atmosphere as “authentic and caring.” Consequently, and without hesitation, they decided to join the Parents Leadership Council (PLC) at Ursinus. The PLC is comprised of parents who demonstrate their commitment to the college through both their philanthropic leadership and active engagement. 

“We joined the PLC because we truly believe that our experience is enriched by being involved,” says Chris. “We feel like part of the team, helping the school move forward on many fronts.”

The couple is nothing short of elated by the practical skills their daughters have gained through their Ursinus education. The Bormanns have watched first-hand as Kate and Caroline have blossomed and matured, both intellectually and socially. Holly and Chris attribute this mainly to the close partnerships their girls have forged with the campus community. A warmness that Holly says she personally finds “unique and contrary to her own educational experience.” She continues, “Clearly, the education they receive is not only top-notch but also so personal, which makes all the difference in the world. I went to a large university, and while my education was solid, it was anonymous.”

The Bormanns are grateful that their daughters are interacting daily with individuals who think differently than they do; challenging them to contemplate big ideas and use their voices accordingly, yet respectfully.

“They come home and talk to us about involvements they have had, meeting interesting speakers and fellow students,” says Holly. She elaborates, “Our eldest daughter Kate had an amazing opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. Watching her overcome her fear of traveling to Europe by herself, returning so well-traveled and self-assured, was pretty remarkable.”

Along with generously volunteering their time to Ursinus, the Bormanns also support the college philanthropically. In fact, it has become one of their charitable priorities.

Holly says, “We are happy to walk on campus, and to see the exciting new construction efforts taking place, as well as learn about the new strategic initiatives like the ‘Philadelphia Experience’ taking hold.” She adds, “It is important to us that other young adults have the same wonderful experience at Ursinus that our daughters have had. We want to see Ursinus succeed, and to continue to move forward, shaping lives along the way.”

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