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Bridget Sherry

Class Year



Applied Economics and Spanish

Externship Location

JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wilmington, DE


For two days in January, Bridget Sherry did an externship at JPMorgan Chase in Wilmington, DE with Ursinus alumna Eleisha Smith ’99. Bridget decided to participate in this exciting opportunity because she was really interested in the company and wanted the chance to learn more.


In order to prepare for her experience, Bridget made her application stand out by doing some research on the companies and sponsors that she was interested in shadowing. She was also honest about why she wanted to learn more about the companies that she had chosen. Her decision for her top three externships were based on her level of interest. When she was chosen for JPMorgan Chase, the junior prepared for her externship by heavily researching the company beforehand.


Bridget observed her sponsor, Eleisha Smith, in her day-to-day schedule, listened in on conference calls, and was shown some of the projects that they were working on. Eleisha also had set up meetings with other employees for Bridget to speak with about careers and the work that they do at JPMorgan Chase. Her favorite aspects of the externship were spending time with her sponsor, talking to recent graduates, and receiving advice about career plans. “She is really personable and made me feel comfortable right away,” Bridget explained about Eleisha.


The majority of this junior’s conversations with her sponsor were about her upcoming summer internship with the company. Bridget communicated via email and phone with Eleisha; however, she has not been in touch since the externship. She believes the connections she made are really important because they are great role models.

Future Implications

Externing at JPMorgan Chase gave Bridget a glimpse of a career in the financial industry. Her sponsor did not major in anything related to Finance during undergrad, but now she is a Vice President at the company. This showed Bridget that hard work can really pay off. Overall, she learned that it’s important to have a job that you enjoy and it’s even better to work with people you like to be around.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

“My sponsor showed me how to do some shortcuts in Excel. I also really liked speaking to other employees that worked in different divisions within the company. I was able to learn more about the company and experience the work atmosphere that exists at JPMorgan Chase. It made me even more excited for my internship this summer.”


Bridget advises not to be afraid when asking questions because the sponsors want you to learn and it shows that you’re interested. She would definitely recommend this experience.