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Emmett Cawley

Class Year



Media & Communication Studies


Film Studies

Internship Location

Philadelphia Film Society, Philadelphia, PA


Last semester, while participating in the Philadelphia Experience program, Emmett Cawley completed an amazing internship with the Philadelphia Film Society working primarily on their film festival. He had been interested in this opportunity for a while after finding the internship on their website. When the time came he applied, and after two weeks, he was interviewed and eventually offered the position. Each day leading up to the film festival, Emmett did a lot of data entry work and researched the details about the films and people who were interested in speaking at the festival. He researched the film and assessed how other film festivals classified it. Then, all of the information went into a pamphlet that was handed out to people who attended the festival. Emmett also performed print trafficking which meant getting hard drives that had the digital copies of the films into the theater and communicating with other venues. He organized and labeled the films as well. During the film festival, the senior moved hard drives from venue to venue. Afterwards, he was in charge of compiling recent documentaries for their Documentary series and doing something similar for Science on Screen. Emmett’s favorite aspects of the experience were the week of the festival, getting to travel throughout the city, and contributing to make sure the film festival ran smoothly.

Skills Utilized

Some skills that the senior utilized were organization, short-term goal setting, independent work, and understanding the big picture. Interning with the Philadelphia Film Society tightened his ability to work with other people and understand what they’re trying to communicate. “I think being able to speak other people’s language is very important in understanding what people want to communicate. Also, organization is something that I like to practice,” says Emmett.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

The Operations Team of the Prince Theater made a difference in his experience. “A lot of the staff that was hired for the festival were the coolest people to be around. They were the best tangible experience of teamwork. I thought it was a really cool way to get to know everyone in the dressing room of the theater,” adds Emmett.

Future Implications

Emmett feels prepared for the working world and he believes that every internship you get introduces you to a new working environment. He also believes that it’s a good experience to do an internship away from Ursinus since it helped him to see how he would be living his life after college.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part was the festival’s member events such as staff parties. This is where Emmett did most of his networking. He also had the opportunity to see a lot of Oscar-nominated films!


The senior advises to not put a lot of pressure on an internship. “The best thing that you can do is admit to your supervisor that you don’t understand something.” He also suggests asking questions. Emmett would recommend this internship to anyone that’s interested in Film Studies.