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Samantha Beck

Class Year





Biochemistry and Molecular Biology




Sam is involved in a sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma.


Education Chair


STAT has made me feel more connected to Ursinus. I love learning about the history and old traditions of UC and passing my new knowledge onto others. Hearing stories from older Alumni always makes my day and makes me happy that I chose Ursinus. We do so many fun events, a few of which I have planned, and that I think the campus community really enjoys.

My Experience

A one of my favorite events is Alumni Weekend. Seeing and talking to all the older alumni shows you the history and the love for Ursinus. I love hearing how much the campus has changed since they’ve been here last but also what has stayed the same. Another one of my favorite events is Philanthropy week because a lot of people get involved, it’s like a mini party in Olin Plaza. But it also shows what STAT is all about, educating the campus on old traditions and philanthropy of the college.