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Hailey Donahue

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Externship Location

Bioclinica, Audubon, PA


Hailey Donahue externed at Bioclinica shadowing Valentina Alonso ’13. She had done a previous externship at Merck, so Hailey really wanted to continue to experience more roles in the pharmaceutical industry.


Hailey recommends highlighting what would make this experience worthwhile and beneficial to you as an individual in order to make your application stand out. The senior knew that she had an interest in the pharmaceutical industry, so she only applied to the Bioclinica externship to learn more from the organization as compared to her externship with Merck last year. She prepared for her externship by researching the company and her sponsor, and she suggests getting a basic understanding of things before you go.


Each day she observed work that specifically involved patient recruitment for clinical trials. Hailey’s favorite aspect was making new connections with people who were eager to help and see her succeed. “Everyone offered to have me contact them after my experience was over and it has maybe been the easiest thing I’ve ever done to build my network,” explains the senior. The most challenging part was going into a new situation with people she had never met, but once she was integrated into their workplace, Hailey felt welcomed for the rest of her time at Bioclinica.


Hailey asked Valentina about her path to her current position and for any advice she could provide. She recommends emailing your sponsor after your experience and connect with them on LinkedIn. “Definitely one of the best things this kind of experience has to offer! I met someone that told me if I ever found a job opening at a certain company to reach out to her because she is personally connected to it,” says Hailey about her connections that she made at Bioclinica.

Future Implications

Hailey’s externship experience at Bioclinica provided her with further ideas about where she sees herself going and more clarity on some of the steps that she may have to take to get there. The senior learned that there is a huge spectrum of work in the pharmaceutical industry. She was able to see different jobs that worked toward the same end goal of drug discovery and approval.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

“My extern sponsor was, for a lack of better words, so cool, and I loved getting to meet her and spend the time with her! She is someone I would feel super comfortable reaching out to again. The greatest reward that came from the Extern program was some further clarity on a different area of the pharmaceutical industry, which is very interesting to me, and definitely the connections and advice.”

Hailey would definitely recommend this externship to anyone with an interest in pharmaceuticals, marketing, or communications.