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Paige Springmann

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Paige is a tour guide, UC ambassadors, and a Parlee center fellow.


I’m a huge proponent of “once a bear, always a bear” and STAT has been an excellent way of enhancing that connection between our current students and their futures after graduation. We are able to establish a sense of philanthropy early on in each student’s education, promoting a sense of giving back to the community and school. Not only does this group provide a bridge between students and alumni, but we also work to educate the current student body on all things Ursinus. On each tour I give to prospective students, I’m now able to explain that the IDC will be entirely donation funded or how exactly our tuition is spent each semester. Knowing the facts of our college, both historical and monetary enhances our education beyond your average biology or CIE class.

My Experience

So far I have assisted with planning and running the Celebration of Lights, an event in which numerous cultures and religions on campus come together during the holiday season to share traditions and beliefs. This has always been my favorite time of the year, so being able to bring together so many people and learn along the way was absolutely amazing.