Give to UC

Nicole Hope

Class Year







Wind Ensemble, STAT


It is very important to me that everyone feels welcome and that kindness is a priority. I am a STAT member because I enjoy helping fellow students and the community learn about Ursinus and increase pride in our school. As I STAT leader I have been able to meet and interact with so many wonderful people and help plan events that touch on our organizations goal.  After Ursinus I am planning on entering the medical field as a physician.

My Experience

I have been involved in STAT events such as Giving to UC Day and Celebration of Lights. I really enjoyed how both events really brought the campus community together. It was amazing to see everyone celebrating their traditions and their love of Ursinus together. Thanks to the STAT’s goals of philanthropy for these events students were able to honor each other’s traditions during Celebration of Lights and during Giving to UC Day the generosity of the alumni, students, staff, and faculty were able to help other students in the future.