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Nicole Schmalbach

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As a child, it was always in my best interest to care for others. Thus, as I grew older I began to become involved in service projects and giving back to the community. I joined STAT to help keep Ursinus College’s community thriving and a place for students and faculty to have pride in their school. STAT has since helped me meet many others on campus, from different majors, hometowns, class years, et cetera. It has shown me to truly have pride in being an Ursinus College Bear! After Ursinus, I hope to go to medical school and become an orthopedic surgeon.

My Experience

This year, I helped plan Founder’s Day! This is a great event that shares the beginning and founding of Ursinus College. It is basically a giant birthday for our founder, John Henry Augustus Bomberger! I enjoyed the festivities that we had around campus, especially the good food in Wismer. This event helps share our history as a college and thus all the people who have attended our school and who have pride in being a Bear! Keeping traditions such as Founder’s Day help inspire others, especially alumni, to give back to our school and keep the school spirit alive!