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Faraha Rathod

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Francophone Club, UC Ambassadors, Mini-THON, and many more!


I care a lot about my religion, education, family, and friends. I also care a lot about Ursinus because I love it here! I am willing to do whatever it takes to promote the college and try to get other students to love Ursinus as much as I do. I am a STAT member because I enjoy being part of a group whose mission is to inform the student body about the behind-the-scenes aspects of Ursinus and promote its traditions. Being in STAT has allowed me to do a lot of networking with Alumni, getting out of my comfort zone, and truly becoming a leader on this campus. I do not think that I would have done many leadership things if it were not for STAT. After Ursinus, I plan to work in either in the Insurance/Healthcare or Financial Services industries. I also plan to get my Master’s and PhD in Mathematics or Business.  

My Experience

My favorite STAT events are Homecoming and Alumni Weekend. I enjoy these events because I get to meet Alumni and just listening to their stories is always a fun time. I think that they further our goals of philanthropy because you get to meet the Alumni that donate their time, effort, and money to the college. I also feel that these events come full circle, for when students graduate after Ursinus.