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Brianna Valerio

Class Year







I am a very loving person who has always cared about the needs of others, especially those who are close to me such as my friends and family.  My close relationships and my academic performance have always been very important to me.  I am a member of STAT because I like promoting philanthropy and school spirit, helping others, and planning and participating in events throughout the year.  STAT is also comparable to a family; everyone gets along very well and supports each other and we always have a lot of fun together!  Being a member of STAT has allowed me to meet a lot of new people, learn more about Ursinus College, have new experiences, and make connections with alumni who are eager to help me with my journey through college.  I’m very excited to see the benefits that being a part of STAT will bring me in the coming years.  After Ursinus, I plan to pursue a career in the medical field by attending either medical school or physician’s assistant school.    

My Experience

My favorite STAT events have been Founder’s Day and Speed Networking.  I enjoyed Founder’s Day because it promoted school spirit and had a lot of fun activities and food for the campus community.  I also liked being able to work at Wismer with other members of STAT during the event.  I enjoyed Speed Networking because it provided me with the opportunity to meet alumni who gave me advice about college and life after graduation.  It also gave me my first experience with networking with alumni.  Founder’s Day furthers our goals of philanthropy by engaging the student body in fun activities that celebrate the birth of Ursinus College and educate students about their school.  Speed Networking furthers our goals of philanthropy by fostering connections between current students and alumni.