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Concetta Magliochetti

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Externship Location

Susquehanna Health, Williamsport, PA


During her Winter Break, Concetta Magliochetti completed an externship at Susquehanna Health in Williamsport, PA with colleagues of Dr. Shailesh Patel, P’19. She decided to participate in this externship because she thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to experience the career path that she was considering in depth.


Concetta prepared her application by visiting the Career and Professional Development office to spruce up her resume and add all of her current and relevant experiences. She also made sure to mention her interest in this particular career path. The junior chose her top three externship choices by first narrowing it down to her interests, then to locations near her home, and lastly, to closest hotels. Before she went to Susquehanna Health, Concetta spoke with one of last year’s externs for advice and researched the doctor that she would be shadowing.


On her first day at Susquehanna Health, Concetta was in the operating room all day with a quick break for lunch. She was shown the facilities and placed in different operating rooms each day. Her favorite aspect was getting the chance to see what life was like inside the operating room from the perspective of those that worked there. “I got to see something not many people can, so it was a wonderful experience for me,” says Concetta. However, she found the most challenging part to be when the doctors would ask her some specific questions related to the medical field.


The most effective questions that Concetta asked her sponsor’s colleagues were about their life and schooling. According to this biology major, the connections that she made at Susquehanna Health are vital. “It was important to show interest in the doctor’s area of expertise, and asking questions about procedures or equipment were encouraged,” she explains.

Future Implications

Concetta’s externship experience made her realize that the life of a surgeon is not what she wants. It opened her eyes to the possibility of a career in Anesthesiology, instead, since they do many different things and are constantly on the move working with new patients.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

“I got to see an open heart surgery, and that was absolutely incredible! My greatest reward was that I got to see something that was so amazing and I will probably never get to see it again.”


If Concetta were to participate in an externship again, she would have started the application process earlier. She would absolutely recommend this externship to anyone interested in pursuing the medical field.