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Alonzo Elias

Class Year



Media & Communication Studies


African American & Africana Studies and Psychology

Internship Location

WURD Radio, Philadelphia, PA


During the fall, Alonzo Elias completed an internship at WURD Radio in Philadelphia. He found this internship through a friend. To apply, he sent in his resume and a portfolio of his work featuring various types of media. Alonzo went through an interview process where he was asked about his own radio show. After starting the internship, his typical day consisted of editing podcasts and radio shows, learning different styles of interviewing, drafting emails, and making best-ofs and promos. Alonzo’s favorite aspect of the experience was having his mentor teach him how to run his own shows.

Skills Utilized

Communication, questioning, editing, being personable, and marketing oneself were the skills that the junior utilized at WURD Radio. Alonzo feels that this opportunity improved his editing skills and developed his communication skills. “It will help me in my future classes and future career. I am currently using these skills in my independent research project,” he explains.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Alonzo believes that his mentor, Khaleef Aye, taught him a lot about being independent since only he knew how he wanted his show to run. His mentor helped him to develop his momentum for podcasts and interviewing people related to the topics of his shows, as well.

Future Implications

This media and communication studies major feels prepared for the working world and he would like to reach out to TV stations to broaden his horizons and increase his networking experience. This opportunity changed Alonzo personally and helped him enhance his views on certain topics. He learned that it’s important to stay consistent with the content that you put out, and when you show consistency, people will listen. The junior also learned that it’s important to always market yourself and your ideas with confidence and to stay original with your content. “A lot of things in media and communications are cut throat. It takes a lot of networking. You need to focus on yourself and everything will fall into place,” adds Alonzo. Furthermore, he made important connections so that he could start his own podcast with the company and he knows what he would do if he were to go back for a potential job there.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

“The coolest part of the experience was being able to go to fun events such as panels, conferences, networking events, etc. These events were about other people’s work in media and communication studies and how they could further develop and enhance their communities.”


When pursuing internships, Alonzo advises to look for opportunities that you would not typically go for to see what else you can do outside of your major. He also suggests to do internships to acquire more skills. He would definitely recommend this internship to other students.