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Samuel Isola

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Internship Location

Formcraft, Philadelphia, PA


Last semester, while participating in the Philadelphia Experience program, Samuel Isola interned at Formcraft. He found this internship through Dean Kelly Sorensen. Sam applied to the opportunity through Handshake and sent in his resume. He had two phone interviews and a face-to-face interview after he went to live in Philadelphia. Formcraft is an architecture and design company that renovates office spaces. During a typical day, Sam received pictures and notes from a designer and would compile these into project pages, which are summaries of the project plans. He also wrote blog posts about trends in the industry, attended conferences, and for each project, handled the social media accounts. The project pages were Sam’s favorite aspect of the internship and the company’s use of his work on their website. The most challenging part was working with the formatting and design of the website. Sam never had experience with this before, so he had to learn the basics of the coding that went behind developing the website.

Skills Utilized

Writing professionally, working closely with professionals, tech savviness, Microsoft Word, Google Analytics, and social media use were the main skills that the junior utilized at his internship. He feels that this experience provided him with new skills such as professionalism, etiquette, and time management. Sam was also able to improve upon old skills such as writing, communication, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook. Overall, the junior believes that these skills will help him in his future career. “It showed me that as an English major, the skill set that I have is very valuable. It’s not just about books or literature. I see myself doing this kind of work in the future. Being able to write well and articulate myself was something I appreciated,” explains Sam.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

One of the junior’s co-workers, Tess, a designer, had an impact on Sam’s time at Formcraft. “She came here from Russia when she was 18, so her English was not the best. However, she would do the physical stuff for the website. We worked together on everything every day. We were a good compliment to each other and added to what we both were doing. She taught me about her work, as well,” adds Sam.

Future Implications

Sam feels less apprehensive and more confident about getting a job after Ursinus. This opportunity motivated him to finish his education and apply for jobs. In general, the junior learned that you don’t have to know everything when going into your first job; it’s a growing and learning process. He also learned that there is a lot of flexibility and opportunities career-wise within his major.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of the experience was the environment and atmosphere of Market Street, which was directly across from City Hall. Sam liked travelling throughout the city in a subway and walking home with his co-workers, as well.


Sam believes that it’s more important to get an internship and have the experience rather than worry about what you are doing. “Knowing what you don’t like can be just as valuable as knowing what you do like. There’s so much to experience in that and you miss out on a ton by staying in your comfort zone,” suggests the English major. He would definitely recommend this internship to other students.