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Jennifer Pastorino


I do my research with Dr. Joel Bish, focusing on long-term effects of concussions. It is really interesting to be a part of this research, and I’ve learned so much. To be a part of acquiring the data, analyzing the data, and even the writing component has really introduced me to how research can be a part of my life. I believe I’ve found a passion and a future in research, and cannot wait to continue.

Valuable about the Experience:

The methods I’ve learned through this research are ones that I may use forever. Imaging techniques in neuroscience are very important, and EEG is a step towards brain imaging. I also feel very comfortable in a lab setting after this research, and having this experience makes me feel as though I could be an asset in any research team. I also now feel that I could create and complete a research project on my own and look forward to doing so. This experience actually got me involved in an internship that I am very excited to begin.

Coolest Part of the Experience:

The opportunity to present the results of this research at the APS Annual Convention in San Francisco is definitely the coolest experience I will have. To see the results of our work, and also present them at such a significant national conference is so exciting and so cool!

Who I Met:

My entire research team has been a pleasure to work with. I have been introduced to people and friends that I would never had made otherwise. Not a single bad person has walked into this lab, and it’s so comforting to know how great the future of the neuroscience program will be. Also, Dr. Bish was the one who gave me the opportunity to begin this research and I am so grateful that I got involved.


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