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William Bowie

Dr. Bowie was born in Lansing, MI, and grew up in Wilmington, DE. After graduating from Trinity College (Hartford, CT), he obtained his Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry at Howard University (Washington, DC). Dr. Bowie then pursued a career in academe, teaching at a variety of tertiary institutions (e.g., Trinity College, Wellesley College, Purdue University, Fisk University, Hampton Institute). After living abroad for many years (Saudi Arabia, the Dominican Republic, the British Virgin Islands), both in higher education and industrial positions, Dr. Bowie retired after serving for 10 years as the director of the analytical labs for the wastewater plants of Milford, Connecticut.

Dr. Bowie’s interests, beyond chemistry, are international travel and early music. He is currently president of the Philadelphia Recorder Society.


Lecturer in Chemistry




B.S., Trinity College

Ph.D., Howard University 


Organic Chemistry II Laboratory