Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

  • Ben Sallavanti posing in front of a body of water

Benjamin Sallavanti

Class Year


My Major/ Minor/ Campus Organizations

Biology / Ethics / Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good,Nerf Club, Ultimate Frisbee, PASS tutor


Lancaster, PA

What should matter to me?

What matters to me is my commitment being able to help as many people as I can. While I have gotten far in life through my own efforts, I would not be nearly as far as I am today without the help of other people. My individual efforts can only go so far to further my progress in life. With others supporting me, I cannot only greatly succeed but also expand the positive effects of my efforts to help other people. Other people have helped me get where I am today so what matters to me is staying true to my commitment to being able to help others.

How should we live together?

We should live with a focus of helping others rather than living solely to benefit ourselves. Sometimes a selfish drive can help a person survive but it does nothing to help advance others in our worldwide community. People are social creatures and need to interact to survive. If a person does nothing except focus on their own survival and pleasures they may gain happiness, but others around them will most likely suffer. By living with a selfless focus, we can help our own mental health, and those in need who might have nobody else to turn to. I plan on doing volunteer work to help others in any way that I can, and I hope my racial ethics courses (PHIL-230-A) this semester will help me find ways to better understand others, so I can better assist and live in harmony with them.

How can we understand the world?

I am excited to take my first Parlee Center Course to gain valuable information about the world. I plan on better understanding the world and how it works through my biology major. Additionally, I want to understand how people interact with the worlds issues through my ethics minor. I plan to be a research assistant and help with the research of medicine. Medicine is the modern tool of science that allows people to help others who would not be favored by natural order of this world due to illness and age. Education is the first step to understanding the world, and I believe my classes will help me look upon this world with a broader vision.

What will I do?

I plan on going into medical school to learn how to become a family physician. I want to be able to give advice to others and guide them as much as I can (medically) in their life path.