Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

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Emily Cid

Class Year


My Major/ Minor/ Campus Organizations

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good, MAPS, Bonner Leaders, research, orchestra


Warrington, PA

What should matter to me?

Becoming a doctor who is thoughtful and well-versed in inequalities in healthcare has always mattered to me.  Being in the Parlee Center and the Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students has allowed me to make connections in the many facets of inequalities in healthcare.  I strive to bring equity to the medical field, from addressing implicit biases to drawing attention to the unaffordability of healthcare.  As I continue through my college experience, these connections are becoming stronger and will allow me to become a doctor who can interact with my community in a more empathetic fashion.

How should we live together?

Being a Bonner leader and committing myself to serving my community has demonstrated to me that we should learn how to love and accept others even if we may not understand where they come from.  When we serve a community, we are not just there to help a group of people who are in need; we are there to understand the way they live their lives and what is important to them.  In becoming a doctor, these qualities are crucial in understanding my patients and their health.

How can we understand the world?

Taking classes that open my view of the world is crucial to me.  In my Science and the Common Good (POL-336) class, we discussed the tension between scientific and non-scientific communities.  These tensions can arise due to a clash in values and opinions, and it is my goal to try to come to an understanding between these groups. This is especially important for me as a doctor who will be interacting with people from a variety of backgrounds.

What will I do?

My goal is to go to medical school to become a doctor.  I am not certain on a specific section of medicine, but I anticipate having an active role in underserved communities and advocating for equalities in healthcare.