Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

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Chase Opperman

Class Year


My Major/ Minor/ Campus Organizations

Psychology/Philosophy double major, no declared minor, Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good, Bonner Leader


Albany, New York

What should matter to me?

My search for what matters is grounded within my experiences understanding and serving the community, both through the government as a member of the Army, and also as a citizen at the local senior citizens home. Through organizations like the Parlee Center, which takes the ever-developing world of science and connects it with the often-overlooked ethical applications of the otherwise cold world of technological development, I learned how to bridge academic disciplines in a way that encourages critical thinking within the realm that lacks a definitive answer. Through organizations like Bonner I learn to introduce these ideas within my very own community through the service work that I do and I continue to challenge these types of questions as I progress through my membership at the Parlee Center and eventually I will come to a greater understanding as to how I will actualize my career, profession, and passion centered in these principles.

How should we live together?

I wish to dedicate my life to something which I associate great meaning, that being the human experience. Connection, conversation, and understanding are all amazing and thought-provoking aspects which I find give meaning to life. I wish to engage with material about how these aspects of life occur and how people, possessing however much difference or similarity, live in conjunction with or without mental illness or how why one group may or may not be prone to such ailments. My Parlee center internship will be centered in these principles but how it will manifest is still a mystery.

How can we understand the world?

I am seeking to understand the world thought he context of many different lenses. What I mean is that I wish, ultimately, to understand the world through the people that I work with, as it will be my job to understand people on an individualized basis considering my end goal of being a counselor, whether I continue to work through the military or not. With the tools I will acquire while experiencing classes centered philosophy, psychology, and others I hope to grapple with the world in the most genuine sense, of being a relatable human who is capable of serving those who are in need. Just how and through what medium I will exact this is not incredibly clear, but my vocation is centered in this principle. I plan to conduct, or participate in, research with regards to psychology and the cognitive functions of those afflicted with PTSD and other like illnesses and further that understanding while also serving in the military.

What will I do?

I plan to continue with my position in the armed forces as a reservist in the military and, after that time has been served, continue to peruse my PHD in psychology. I plan to ground my work within the field of professional counseling concentrated in PTSD and other stress/anxiety related illnesses but what I do in addition to this will make itself more apparent in the future.