• Photo of Madi Moses

Madi Moses


Environmental Studies




Sustainable Farm Fellow


I am interested in being a Sustainability Fellow because I want to meet like-minded people and I want to make sustainability more accessible and less intimidating to our campus. I think that students are much more likely to become interested in sustainability and take action in their lives if their peers are setting an example for them.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

In class last semester, each of the Fellows presented an article they found online related to their project or position as a Fellow. I presented an article about hydroponic farming, which is a smaller project I instated last semester. I’ll never forget the amount of curiosity and questions the Fellows had after my presentation. I ended up staying after class to answer all of them. I knew from then on that students on campus ARE interested in sustainability topics and it’s up to students like me and the Fellows to answer their questions and make them know they can make a difference.