Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

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Madeline Wert

Class Year


My Major/ Minor/ Campus Organizations

Biology / Economics / UC Dems, BAPS, Bio 101 Tutor, Bio 101 Co-Curricular Peer Leader, FIA


Napa, California

What should matter to me?

Helping people has been ingrained in who I am since I was young from my grandmother saying “ring the doorbell with your elbow” to myriad service-based activities from local food drives to week-long trips in Jinotega, Nicaragua. A career in medicine did not seem like the obvious career path for me until my Junior year in high school, where I realized that event planning was not fulfilling my genuine passion of helping others. A positive interaction with one of my healthcare providers exemplified the necessity of trust between patients and physicians. The Parlee Center series have taught me the essential connection between people and how going “back to the basics” of kindness and empathy is how we fix many world problems. I hope to become a nurse practitioner to have a positive and healthy relationship with my patients while working with coworkers to become better care providers. Eventually, I hope to transition from nurse practitioner to a position in healthcare administration to continue my passion for caring with kindness for others.

How should we live together?

I hope to do my Parlee Center Internship when I go abroad to Africa in my senior year fall. I hope to understand the medical practices of third world countries as well as how economics plays into the healthcare system. I look forward to deepening my passion for healthcare and economics when taking Biomed Ethics (PHIL-246) in the future.

How can we understand the world?

I am seeking to not only understand the world through a biological lens but also, an economic lens. I find that while studying macroeconomics (ECON-102) and biology (BIO-101 and BIO-102), that both subjects break down to the functioning of a system. Whether it be a well-functioning system looking at ethical medical practices or sound economic theory or a dysfunctional system full of disease and corruption. My understanding of the two subjects has made me realize the importance of a healthy society not only for public health but also for a successful economy. I look forward to working in research within the biology department this coming year.

What will I do?

I plan on attending Villanova’s nursing intensive program after Ursinus to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner to transition to a healthcare administrator position. I hope that my comprehensive background as a healthcare provider and study of economics can better the interaction of trust between patients and physicians.