• Photo of Kayla Hofmann

Kayla Hofmann

Name: Kayla Hofmann

Year: 2020 

Major: Politics 

Hometown: Pottstown, PA

Transfer Story: As a high schooler, I thought I knew what I wanted out of the college experience: a big school, far from home, and of course, a meaningful, rewarding education. After blindly applying to seven schools that had nothing in common, I ended up one at random when I didn’t get into my top choice. The school was not what I expected: 80% of the student body commuted, the faculty was detached and unhelpful, and the school spirit nonexistent. College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, so I made a change immediately. After the first semester, I came home and went to community college for a semester to figure out what I really wanted. This gave me time to realize that I actually enjoyed my smaller classes and liked being close to family, so I visited Ursinus for the second time with a new perspective and felt immediately at home. 

Why Ursinus?: I didn’t want a commuter school; I wanted a place where I felt welcomed and like I was a part of a family, which is exactly what I experienced from my first day on campus. I was worried that a small school would be cliquey, but that wasn’t the case at all: I was immediately accepted as a member of the community and made friends and joined clubs easily. Having small classes also allowed me to form personal relationships with my professors, which not only made me feel more at ease, but also enables me to excel as I know my professors genuinely want me to succeed. 

Favorite experience at Ursinus: Getting to cheer again with a group of amazing people after a one year hiatus (I’ve been cheerleading for 15 years), especially at the Ursinus vs. Hopkins football game when we broke their winning streak. GO BEARS!!