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Aliyah Clark

Your name: Aliyah Clark

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Philadelphia

Transfer story:I transferred to Ursinus the fall of 2016 and I have no doubt that I had made a better decision. Upon completion of a few semesters, I was inducted into Psi Chi, approached to be a summer fellow and given full on support by professors and deans about my plans for the future, including studying abroad and grad school. I also am involved in the transfer mentor pilot program. I do commute from Philadelphia, but clearly that has not stopped me from thriving at Ursinus!

Why Ursinus?: I chose Ursinus because of its great reputation and competence, as well as it’s small, engaging courses. I stayed at Ursinus because people care! Faculty members care about where their students are headed and they do not hesitate to step in and give a hand, for which I am appreciative.

Favorite activity/experience at Ursinus: I loved doing summer fellows, I was able to live on campus and get the full feel of Ursinus life while doing great research in Dr. Bish’s concussion lab!