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Melanie Larget

I’m Melanie Larget, I come from France. I was born in Dole, a small town in the East and I studied English Literature and Civilization in Besançon (Université de Franche-Comté). I have already taught English in junior high school (Collège de Fraisans) for a year. For this academic year I will be the French TA for four different classes: 101, 103, 111, and 201.

The FLTA program will allow me to achieve something important for me: teaching French to American people in the USA. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to discover the American culture and traditions but also to make American people learn about my own country and traditions. The American way of life attracts my curiosity but I want to go beyond the American clichés and see a vision of this country on my own.

This program gathers all the positive experiences I could imagine it could bring: teaching skills, the discovery of a new country and new people and finally, I could spread the French culture and way of life. I am proud of my French origins and I want to share everything I know to Ursinus students. That is why I will do my best to promote my language in class, during the French Tables and with the Francophone Club thanks to many activities and I hope everyone will enjoy sharing Frenchy moments.

I like sports in general, especially basketball and soccer. I am also very interested in Japanese anime, learning new languages and acting.


Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant in French, 2018-2019