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Yota Hakkai

Konnichiwa (Hello).

I am Yota Hakkai, a Japanese TA for JPN-101, 111, 211 and 311. The reason why I applied for the Fulbright program was to get more experienced in teaching languages, English proficiency and different cultures so I can contribute to English education in Japan in the future. I graduated from Yokohama National University 2 years ago in Economics and Education and got the teaching license in Japan last year at Nihon University.

I worked at a “cram school” as a math, science and English teacher for 3 years until last year while in college. I have also had academic experiences in the US, Finland and Italy. 

Teaching Japanese here means teaching beginners another language. I believe a few years of language study enable them to have a basic conversation skill level.

To be a great English teacher, I need to be more fluent in English and have diverse experiences, so I came to America to learn the language and culture. I love ramen noodles, but I don’t find great ones here like in Japan so I will cook them in our Japanese Club along with other Japanese dishes. Please come and let’s chat in both languages, English and Japanese. 


Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant in Japanese, 2018-2019