Career and Post-Graduate Development

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Rebecca Schubach

Class Year



Applied Economics (Finance/Accounting concentration)



Internship Location, Dania Beach, FL


During the summer of 2018, Rebecca Schubach did a fun internship at in Dania Beach, FL. She found this amazing opportunity through her cousin who interned at the company as well. Before Rebecca dived into her internship experience, she had to go through multiple rounds of interviews. During her time at, the junior worked in the Finance department of the online pet pharmacy, ChewyRX. For six weeks, she worked on creating a driver-based, bottom-up, P&L model that forecasted the pharmacy’s revenue by brand up to the year 2020! On a typical day, the junior would have a meeting with her manager Jeffrey and she would shadow him for that day. Rebecca’s shadowing consisted of attending meetings with the Supply Chain department, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and whoever else was involved in the meetings. The junior’s favorite aspect of the internship was presenting her model to executives because her model worked and it is something that the company will be using until 2020! The most challenging part of Rebecca’s experience was the pace of the internship since she had to pick up on everything very quickly.

Skills Utilized

Solidifying results, analyzing financial statements, writing and reporting, programming, Excel, and presenting were the plethora of skills that the junior utilized. “I had to use a lot of skills from my Introduction to Finance class such as ratio analysis and pulling important data from 10-K’s,” adds the junior. Rebecca feels that she was able to expand her Excel, interpretation of financial statements, and analysis skills from interning with The junior believes that these skills will be a huge asset to her future career in Finance and to her future advanced level Finance classes!

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Rebecca’s boss, Jeffrey and her mentor, Christine had an impact on her experience. “Jeffrey was my point person and he checked in on me from time to time. It was nice getting lunch with Christine and talking about how I was doing outside of my internship,” explains the junior. She would definitely ask her boss for a recommendation or use him as a reference. According to Rebecca, the connections that she made in the workplace are very important. “As a Finance major, it’s important to have as many connections as possible and to network with people,” says the junior.

Future Implications

Rebecca feels prepared for this upcoming summer since this internship set her up well for another one. She believes that this experience changed her as a student because it confirmed her interest in Corporate Finance and she sees herself doing Corporate Finance as a career. Overall, the junior learned that is very unique and laid back in terms of work environment. She also realized that she likes being part of a new company and working with them to see their data on a new project. After her time at Ursinus, Rebecca plans on becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and she would like to either work in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, or Private Equity.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of her experience was that dogs were allowed and encouraged in the office!


The junior advises to not be afraid of making mistakes because an internship is a time when you are learning, so you are expected to make mistakes and professionals understand. Rebecca also suggests going into an internship with an open mind. She would absolutely recommend this internship to anyone with a similar area of interest.


Written by Faraha Rathod, ’19