Career and Post-Graduate Development

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Joe Pantel

Class Year




Internship Location

Accupac, Mainland, PA


Over the summer, Joe Pantel completed an exciting internship at Accupac in Mainland, PA. In order to obtain this opportunity, he had to go through an interview process. The sophomore found this internship from the Job, Internship, and Networking Fair last year. Joe’s day consisted of performing tests on different materials in the quality control lab. His favorite aspects of the internship were using the various chemicals to change the colors of the raw materials being tested and learning new lab techniques.

Skills Utilized

Lab and research skills were the most important skills that the sophomore utilized at Accupac. He feels as though he learned a lot from this experience, and it helped him to reinforce some skills that he may have forgotten last year. Joe also believes that these skills will help him both in the classroom and in his future career.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

“I am a Christian that is wanting to go into the science field. There are many people who say science and religion don’t coincide well together, but I met a coworker that was a Christian like myself. We would have a lot of religious discussions, and he helped me cope with some things that occurred throughout the summer. He helped make a difference by showing me there are others in this field who are also religious like myself.”

Future Implications

After interning at Accupac, the sophomore gained knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry. Joe feels that this understanding will help him find a job within this industry or a similar one. This experience helped the sophomore confirm his interest in chemistry, and it helped him decide to get involved with the pharmaceutical industry. “I learned how the process of manufacturing pharmaceutical products works, and how important it is to make sure the products are safe for human consumption” says Joe.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of the experience was mixing different chemicals together and seeing how they reacted!


The sophomore advises to get started as early as you can. “I was able to get an internship as a freshman and this will show other companies how determined you are to join their field” adds Joe. Lastly, he would recommend this internship to anyone with a similar area of interest.


Written by Faraha Rathod, ’19