Sharon Hansen

As director of career and post-graduate development, Sharon works to develop and nurture relationships with organizations leading to internship and job opportunities for Ursinus students and alumni. But did you know…?

Spotlight Story

Sharon Hansen, Director, Career and Post-Graduate Development

Sharon is a first-generation college graduate with a six year old Main Coon cat named Sophie. She volunteers at St. James’ Outreach House in Collegeville.

The Basics

Born: On Long Island in Suffolk County, NY. Sharon came to the Philadelphia suburbs in 1997.

She says “I love it here!”

Pastimes: Dancing & Biking

“Dance has always been a source of happiness for me, starting at the age of four. I am lucky that I am able to continue it as an adult. Zumba is my current ‘obsession’,  although I love tap, ballet, hip-hop, and will try most any form of dance.” 

In Her Words
On Being a First Generation College Graduate

I am proud to be the first in my family to graduate college. I am so grateful for the emphasis my parents put on education and how hard they worked to support me. I try to remember this each day as I come to Ursinus to work with our students.

Sharon’s Favorite Thing About Her Current Position at Ursinus 

I love my job and therefore it is hard to pick one thing. I get to work with extremely talented colleagues in helping Ursinus students and alumni envision and realize meaningful lives. We know our work has a lasting impact and that is very rewarding.

The Ursinus students, alumni, faculty, and staff are some of the most remarkable people I have met in my life. I treasure the relationships I have formed and am very grateful to be part of this community.

If Sharon Couldn’t Work at Ursinus Her Dream Job Would Be

I volunteer at my church’s Outreach House in Collegeville. I would love to be able to work there full time to facilitate the current program and grow its capacity. There is such a need in our local community and this work is important.