Kirsten Biehl ’17

Major: Applied Economics, Accounting and Finance Concentration

What are you doing now?: Staff Auditor, Marcum LLP in Philadelphia

Why you participate on the GOLD Council: GOLD Council keeps me in close contact with the campus, allows me to keep up on current events. And gives me an awesome excuse to come visit! 

Favorite UC Memory: Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) my senior year, the end of the year lunch party. Got my senior gifts and one of them was a “Best Mom Ever” mug. I cried A LOT leaving my STAT babies (I was one of only 2 seniors that year!). Also, working in The Office of Academic Affairs all 4 years at UC. I got so close with deans of the college! Getting a hug from the deans on my last day of work senior year just let me know how much the students matter to the admin of UC.