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Jessica Parrillo

Jessica provides direct clinical service to students including counseling services, assessments, crisis intervention, treatment planning, consultation, and outreach education. Additionally, she provides oversight of all operations related to the delivery of counseling services to students.


Director of Counseling and Wellness


Jessica has been at Ursinus College since 2013. Prior to that, she worked in the counseling centers at Drexel, Columbia, Princeton and Johns Hopkins Universities. 

Jessica’s enjoys working with students to address both clinical and developmental issues. She works with students through individual and group therapy to resolve psychological concerns and to provide support through the inevitable developmental challenges encountered during the college years. Jessica aims to empower others and hopes that through therapy, students can better realize their potential. She considers herself to be an integrationist who draws heavily from relational and psychodynamic theories. At the core of her conceptualization of clients is the belief that each student must be understood as an individual whose worldview and sense of self has been informed through many social, cultural and relational interactions. She seeks to understand the individual, understand his/her needs and utilize this information in the selection of interventions, and believes that therapy must be culturally sensitive. She places significant emphasis upon the development of a strong therapeutic alliance, creation of a safe, open, and trusting environment, and the establishment of genuine, authentic relationships. Although a generalist, her areas of professional interest include identity development, women’s issues, trauma and relationships. She also appreciates the opportunities to work with students through outreach programs and informal exchanges on campus.


Jessica earned her B.A. in Psychology at Washington and Lee University, her M.Ed / M.A. in Counseling Psychology at Teacher’s College, Columbia University and her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Georgia.