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Jake Kohler



Current Position

Director, Moelis Advance Access Program


The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Favorite Ursinus Memory

While preparing for the Senior Class Halloween Party in October 2012, Tim Jordan (fellow Alumni Council member) and I were resolute in our ability to come up with unforgettable costumes for the weekend. Having come up with two separate quality ideas for costume themes, we decided to pursue both for each night of our final Halloween weekend at Ursinus. On the first night, we teamed with Kevin Cox (another Alumni Council member who was a sophomore at the time) to purchase some cheap miniature skateboarding equipment and use a work studio from my sculpture class to turn ourselves into characters from Rocket Power (Kevin was Otto Rocket, Tim was Twister, and I was Squid). We entered Wismer dressed the part for dinner and skateboarded station to station. For the second night of the weekend, Tim and I teamed with three other classmates to form the GloboGym Purple Cobras Dodgeball team, which later won the class contest for best team costume.

Why I Support UC

Ursinus granted me a degree that provided me foundational skills and knowledge across disciplines that has allowed me to navigate my career equipped to succeed no matter what projects or challenges came my way and no matter where I was located around the world. But, what I value the most was the fact that I found mentors, friends, and advisors that empowered and challenged me through my college life and continue to do so in my adult life. Whenever I can, I donate to Ursinus, but to truly return the favor for all that I was given, I wanted to do more in giving back time and energy so that current and future Bears could leave Ursinus the way that I did. Ursinus is part of my family, and the service is one of the ways I can give love to a family I care about so much.