Institute for Student Success

  • SP2020

Marissa Pownall

Class of 2020

Major: Applied Economics, Minor: Media and Communications

Organizations: Phi Alpha Psi

Experience: Intern at Banks Law

One thing you didn’t know about college coming in: I didn’t know coming into college what it was going to be like living on my own. I have learned the importance of organization and time management while living on my own. 

Why did you choose to work at the Ursinus Institute for Student Success (ISS)?: I chose to work at the ISS because I already had known many people and faculty that were involved with the ISS and they all enjoyed it, so I was looking to be apart of that as well as more on campus. I have met some pretty great people on top of the ones I already knew while working at the ISS. 

What’s the impact of ISS on the college in your opinion?: The ISS has a huge impact on the college since it takes on so many important aspects. From tutoring to accommodations, there are so many ways that those that the ISS is able to help improve your Ursinus experience.