Destinee J. Harper

I joined Ursinus College in November of 2018. In my role as one of the Assistant Directors of Admission, I guide students and their families through the application process with a particular focus on diversity recruitment.  I work with students and their families from the following territories: Philadelphia, New York (all boroughs except Manhattan), Texas, New Jersey (Camden, Newark, and Trenton), Hawaii, Alaska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. 


Assistant Director of Admission, Diversity Recruitment


While completing my Masters at Mansfield University, I was able to be the Graduate Assistant for the TRIO program. TRIO is a federally funded program designed to help students overcome academic and financial obstacles while they are in school. My work with TRIO is where I developed a passion for helping students to overcome any issues they may face through the admissions process and their time in college.

After graduating, I worked for the American Red Cross as their Volunteer Specialist, and prior coming to Ursinus, I worked at Bloomsburg University as one of their Assistant Director of Admissions/Transfer Recruiter.  I am so excited to begin my journey here at Ursinus because I have the opportunity to guide students in overcoming any problems they may face through the admission process. I know, personally, how overwhelming and nerve-racking it can be during the college search, application process and even the first year in college. It is my absolute pleasure to be a resource for students and their parents.


Mansfield University, B.S. Mass Communications: Public Relations

Mansfield University, M.A. Organization Leadership