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Julia Crozier-Christy

They are working as a Communications Specialist in the Marketing and Communications Department at Reading Hospital, which is a part of Tower Health System. They did an internship in the same department the summer after their sophomore year, which factored heavily into them getting this job. The work they do is mostly drafting announcements, newsletters, and press releases as well as copy editing.




Creative Writing

Current Position

Communication Specialist


Reading Hospital

Impact of Ursinus

Being an English major prepared me really well for this kind of work and I feel very lucky to have a job where I get to use the skills I went to school to for. 

Piece of Advice

My advice to other English majors would be to apply for internships if that is a possibility for them. For me, internships were a really good way to get work experience, fill out my resume, and helped me to find employment after graduation. Also, I would advise everyone to make sure they are good at using Microsoft Excel. I’ve found that it comes up a lot if one is in an office setting. 

Why I Support UC

I support Ursinus College because I feel like I got a really good education that helped to prepare me for post-graduate life. I will always be very grateful for all the support and guidance that I received from my professors.