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Shichao Li

What other interesting thing can you tell us about yourself?

I love traditional Japanese sushi. If you ever show me a piece of fish flesh, I can tell you what kind of fish it is.





Current Position

1L Law Student

Graduate School & Degree

University of Iowa College of Law


I am currently a 1L at the University of Iowa College of Law. Iowa Law has really great and supportive faculties. Just like professors at Ursinus, they welcome students to visit them during and out of office hours. It is also a good idea to breathe some mid-western air after many years on the coast.


I would like to conduct a judicial internship for 1L summer and eventually work for a big law firm to utilize my language skills. 


Most memorable moment in law school?


When I prepared a detailed brief for an important Property case but was cold-called for what was the difference between “will” and “testament.” I managed to survive.

Impact of Ursinus

“Moot Court” class not only exposed me to legal writing but also introduced me to some of the most important legal concepts such as “beyond a reasonable doubt” and “preponderance of the evidence.” 

“Mock Trial” was also a great experience for me to observe and learn the litigation process. Both of them helped me to understand lectures in law school better when professors talk about these concepts.