Career and Post-Graduate Development

Jillian Falduto '19, an Applied Economics major, interns with the Philadelphia Flyers.
Jillian Falduto ’19, an Applied Economics major, interns with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Jill Falduto

Class Year

2019 (December 2018 Graduate)


Applied Economics



Internship Location

Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia, PA


During the Fall of 2018, Jill Falduto completed an amazing internship with the Philadelphia Flyers in Philadelphia, PA! In order to obtain this cool opportunity, she had to go through an interview. The senior found this internship online. Some of the tasks that Jill had to do at her internship included coordinating community initiatives ranging from mailing out autographed items to non-profits and setting up once-in-a-lifetime “Make A Wish” experiences. Her favorite aspect was sharing her love of hockey with fans and deserving families. However, the most challenging part was the time commitment.

Skills Utilized

Communication and presentation skills were the ones the senior utilized the most at her internship. She feels as though this experience provided her with new skills and improvement upon old ones. Jill believes these will help her in her future career.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

The two people who made a difference in the senior’s time with the Philadelphia Flyers were her co-worker, Emily and her boss, Jason. Emily is now one of Jill’s closest friends and Jason inspired Jill to continue with her career. She would definitely consider asking them for recommendations or using them as references. The connections she made are very important.

Future Implications

The senior feels more prepared for being able to communicate with a range of audiences. Jill’s experience with the Philadelphia Flyers changed her personally and as a student. She learned about all of the departments that contribute to a positive experience and about corporate social responsibility. The senior graduated early in December of 2018. Now, she is working full-time with the Miami Dolphins!

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of her experience was working with Luke Rogers, which Jill suggests searching on Google for videos!


The senior advises to utilize connections and interact with as many people as possible in the office. She would recommend this internship to anyone with a similar area of interest.


Clubs and Activities on Campus

  • Gymnastics (former gymnast and manager), Ursinus College Student Government, Tour Guide, U-Imagine Center


Written by Faraha Rathad ’19