• Simba

Simba Kanjanda

Name: Simba Kanjanda

Year: 2022

Major: Biology

Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe

Simba loves that Ursinus is a perfect location since campus is close to Philadelphia and New York, which leads to several opportunities for jobs and internships! The students on campus are a close-knit community and he was looking for close student and faculty relationships.

As a biology major major, Simba has honed skills to prepare him for a career in the medical field. Simba was also able to balance academics while being able to play soccer and tennis in the competitive Centennial Conference.

Coming from Zimbabwe, Simba knew that this experience would be a long way from home, so he was looking for a place that he would be most comfortable, and would serve as his home away from home. Ursinus gave him that welcoming feeling and continues to encourage an inclusive environment, which he values a lot.