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Del Engstrom

Del Engstrom, chair of the health and exercise physiology department was honored in December of 2018 for twenty-five years of service to Ursinus. More…

Spotlight Story

Del Engstrom has been on a journey that started in Fresno, California, moved through Colorado, and continues today in Collegeville.

He came to Ursinus in 1993 after meeting longtime faculty member Randy Davidson at a conference in Washington, D.C. Having just finished his doctorate, Del was drawn to Ursinus by the opportunity to teach future teachers in what was then the exercise and sports science department. He supervised student teachers and coached the men’s tennis team. In 2003, Del became the chair of a one-man Education Department and also chaired what is now the Health and Exercise Physiology Department for 15 years.

Del has spent the last 25 years as an important contributor to the Ursinus experience. He was a member of the committee that created CIE, and also served as an instructor in the original CIE cohort. He says, “Very few of my colleagues in my discipline have the opportunity to teach a course like CIE, working with such broad materials and engaging students across disciplines.”

Del was recognized by the students as the recipient of the 2017 Laughlin Teaching Award for excellence in teaching. He notes that while he worked for many years with a great group of colleagues who have since retired, he’s privileged to help lead a new cohort of talented educators he is proud to call his colleagues.

Del has been accompanied on this journey by his wife, Lorri, who he met in high school and married at age 20.

Their children have followed Del’s path into the health and education fields, with his son becoming a teacher and his daughter, a nurse practitioner. He also has five grandchildren. Read more in Del’s official staff profile.