Photo of Jennifer Kearney
Photo of Jennifer Kearney

Jennifer Kearney

Your name: Jennifer Kearney

Year: 2020

Major: Theater, English minor 

Hometown: Philadelhpia, PA

Transfer story: I began college in fall 2014 at the Community College of Philadelphia, I spent two years at there and I felt like I was not being challenged enough with my education, so after finding out that I would need to spend at least 4-5 years there I transferred to Bucks County Community College where I found out that I should’ve graduated community college by now and been on my way to a 4-year college/university. Bucks got the ball rolling for me to so when it came time to start looking at different schools to transfer to I wanted a school that had a terrific theater program and I was in between Ursinus and another institution. When it came time to narrowing down between the two I did a lot of thinking and compared the two and I am so glad I decided on Ursinus! 

Why Ursinus?: Not only did Ursinus have the National Theater Honor Society that I was inducted in Spring of 2015, it felt like I truly fit in this college community. It was a smaller campus and everyone was super friendly. I could not imagine not choosing Ursinus, I would feel like there would be a void missing. There are so many opportunities at Ursinus that also helped with my decision, and talking with different faculty made this transition so much easier on myself!

Favorite activity/experience at Ursinus: The theater department in general, there are so many different experiences that I did not think I could imagine getting. For example, learning about the history of Drag Performance or taking a 3 hour makeup class, it has all been wonderful!