• Zoe

Zoe Cougoul

Name: Zoe Cougoul

Year: 2021

Major: Biology, Chinese minor 

Hometown: Paris, France 

Why did you choose Ursinus? 

I choose Ursinus because it was different from all of the other colleges that I saw! At Ursinus they saw more in me than just a biology student. I followed my passion for art, photography and languages with my major in Biology. I joined the rugby team and found a new family on campus. I was looking for a tight knit community and I found just that!

What stood out to you about Ursinus?

What stood out to me about Ursinus was The Berman Museum of Art. Back at home, in Paris France, I was always surrounded by art, but not in my schools. Whereas here science, art and other passions mix harmoniously together.

What about Ursinus made you apply as an international student? Why do you feel like this was the right fit for you?

As an international student, a lot factored into my choice. First, the more logistical ones, close to an international airport, close to a city but still in a green area. Ursinus has a small but efficient international program, where I know most of the students and the international advisors. We all help each other, especially with paperwork you are never alone. I had to apply for a social security number and felt lost, but my international advisor made it really simple for me. Finally, I wanted to go to a school that would be accepting, and I found that at Ursinus. That is why I think Ursinus was the right choice for me!