Library and Information Technology

Photo of Jared Little
Photo of Jared Little

Jared Little

Jared is responsible for establishing and maintaining the data communications between Ursinus College’s information systems.


Jared joined Ursinus College in March of 2019.  Prior to joining Ursinus he worked as the Information Systems Manager at a Penn Psychiatric Center in Collegeville where he was responsible for managing their network infrastructure, data reporting and user support.  He was also responsible for developing proprietary information system solutions to help manage the technology needs of the company. In a past life Jared served as the tour manager, recording studio engineer and live sound engineer for a popular international musical group.  That experience gave him the opportunity to work in over 40 different countries.  Ironically his first show working with the band was at Ursinus College over 20 years ago.

In his free time, he likes to spend time on the beach (preferably one with good surf) with his wife and play his guitar (He doesn’t actually play guitar on the beach that only happens on TV).



B.S. Information Systems

Albright College