Lola Holcomb standing in front of street art
Lola Holcomb standing in front of street art

Lola Holcomb

Your name: Lola Holcomb

Year: 2021

Major: Health and Exercise Physiology 

Hometown: Schwenksville, PA

Transfer story: I enjoyed my time at my previous school, but I always felt as though I was missing something. I felt like a student, and nothing more. I knew by the end of my freshman year that I wanted to be a student, an athlete, a researcher, a member of a team, a volunteer, and a part of a community. In high school I fell in love with running competitively, and was extremely dismayed to have to give that up when I started college. It became more apparent to me throughout my freshman year that I was not ready to give up running, despite telling myself I was done with the sport. I remembered how great the coaching staff and athletic staff at Ursinus was, and began piecing together all of the things I wanted from my college experience that Ursinus would give me. Soon, I knew I wanted my college experience to be the Ursinus experience.

Why Ursinus?: Ursinus has all of the qualities I knew I wanted in a college before starting, and the qualities I learned I wanted through trial and error. I was drawn to the tight-knit community of students and of faculty. I knew transferring to Ursinus would allow me to thrive academically and athletically. More than anything, I knew I would be genuinely be happy here.

Favorite activity/experience at Ursinus: Joining the cross country and track teams and running with some of my new favorite people!