Photo of Victoria Lewandowski
Photo of Victoria Lewandowski

Victoria Lewandowski

Your name: Victoria Lewandowski

Year: 2019

Major: Biology, Spanish minor 

Hometown: Wayne, PA

Transfer story: I originally attended another institution and after the first semester, I was struggling. The class sizes were upwards of 150 students and the faculty were disconnected from the student body. In office hours, teachers told me to refer to my teaching assistants for help and my teaching assistants told me to read the book. My teachers did not seem to be interested in my success, and this was not the college experience I wanted. I stumbled upon Ursinus as my sister was applying here and I sat in on a class. I immediately knew this was my next move. The teacher engaged students in the learning process and called on students by name. Here I knew I would be more than just a number.

Why Ursinus?: I chose Ursinus because of its science program. I had talked to a lot of people who had gone to Ursinus or knew someone who did and majored in a science. They mentioned how the faculty cared about the student’s success and that was what I was looking for. I wanted to be taught and not by teacher’s assistants or YouTube videos, but by teachers who were passionate about what they do. I think this passion is extremely evident throughout each department and really helps students achieve their goals.

Favorite activity/experience at Ursinus: I loved going to Homecoming each year. It is a great experience with Alumni and watching the football game, especially if we win!