• Headshot of Kathryn Bjorklund

Kathryn Bjorklund

Your name: Kathryn Bjorklund

Year: 2021

Major: Neuroscience and Psychology double major (with expected minors in HEP and Biology)

Hometown: Holbrook, NY

Transfer story: I originally wanted to major in the performing arts and theater. When I decided that I was going to change the career path that I wanted to pursue, I was unsure of what route to take. I felt that a community college was close to home and was the best option for me at that time. After a full year at the community college, I found my passion for medical sciences and decided that it was time to transfer. I wanted to go somewhere, that would allow me to grow and be challenged, and I found that at Ursinus. 

Why Ursinus?: After researching many different colleges, I came across Ursinus and was immediately drawn to the community that I am so lucky to be surrounded by now. I came for a tour and immediately knew that I belonged here. Aside from the phenomenal reputation that Ursinus holds, and the many acceptances of Ursinus students to great medical schools, the class sizes, and overwhelming support from all faculty, and staff truly makes Ursinus stand out from other colleges.

Favorite activity/experience at Ursinus: I would say that it is tie between dance team and my sorority Phi Alpha Psi. The girls both on my team, and my sorority sisters have made my time here more incredible than words can describe.