Alexandra Nigro standing in front of street art
Alexandra Nigro standing in front of street art

Alexandra Nigro

Villanova University’s Paralegal Program


Environmental Studies


Applied Ethics and Gender and Women’s Studies


Why did you choose the legal profession?
I chose paralegal school because the legal field has always interested me. I wanted to be able to gain experience in the legal field without making the time/money commitment of law school immediately after graduating from Ursinus.

Where else were you accepted?
I was also accepted to George Washington University’s paralegal program. 

What are your future plans?
In the future I plan to gain experience as a paralegal and eventually attend law school. 

Impact of Ursinus

How did Ursinus prepare you?

Ursinus College provided me with the foundation necessary to succeed in paralegal school. During my undergraduate experience I learned how to manage/budget my time, study effectively, and understand key concepts that were taught to me. 

What was your most memorable moment in class (or otherwise)?
My most memorable moment at Ursinus College was spending the semester interning on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.