• Megan McTaggart standing on a beach

Megan McTaggart

William and Mary Law School




Why William and Mary?
I chose William and Mary because I loved the location and the sense of community. Everyone there seemed similar to Ursinus in that anyone would be willing to help you at the drop of a hat. 

What other law schools did you get into?
Temple University and Boston University

What do you plan to do after law school?
I plan coming back to the Philly area after law school and hopefully working in the field of criminal prosecution. 

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I like to read a new book every week. 

Impact of Ursinus

How did Ursinus prepare you for law school?
Ursinus helped prepare me for law school by giving me so many faculty, staff, and alumni that I could go to with questions. Whether it my professors, my advisor, or alumni I would meet at events, I was given a lot of great advise along the path. 

What was your most memorable moment at Ursinus?
My most memorable moment in class was building my own robotic project in my senior year physics lab based on my own code. It was such a change but amazingly rewarding to watch it at the end.

How did you stay involved on campus?
During my time at Ursinus, I was a Resident Adviser (RA). I was the captain of the Ultimate Frisbee Team and played on the club volleyball team. I liked to go the poetry club on campus called Lit Soc for short. I tutored in the physics help room. I worked in Hillel for the rabbi for a time.