Headshot of David Drea
Headshot of David Drea

David Drea

Thomas R. Kline School of Law at Drexel University


Applied Economics and Politics


Why did you choose this law school? 
Drexel’s Law School offered the best combination of rigorous coursework, ample post-graduation opportunities, and incredible facilities.

Where else were you accepted? 
Seton Hall Law, Delaware Law

What are your future plans (in law school and beyond)? 
I plan to pursue a career in sports and entertainment law and work in the industry to provide legal counsel to professional athletes and teams.

Impact of Ursinus

How has Ursinus prepared you for law school? 

Ursinus has prepared me very well for law school, especially in my ability to think more critically. Critical thinking is essential in law and my education at Ursinus has provided me a solid foundation to build off of in law school.

What was your most memorable moment in class (or otherwise)?

My most memorable memory in an Ursinus class was with Dr. Heather O’Neill in Sports Economics. A partner and I were having trouble with a certain area of research and were slowly recognizing that the data we had wasn’t going to help us draw any conclusions and we were nearing the deadline. We were torn between simply submitting a poor concluding paper or restarting. Dr. O’Neill insisted that we restart, maintaining that learning is far more important than the grade. This experience taught me an invaluable lesson that learning is and always should be of the utmost importance.

How did you stay involved on campus? 

On campus, I am involved in athletics, admissions, and student life. I am a pitcher for the varsity baseball team on campus, I am a Head Tour Guide and Senior Fellow in the Office of Admissions, and have served on the Student Conduct Board and in Student Government during my tenure at Ursinus.