• Victoria Swany 2019

Victoria Swany


When I first began at Ursinus, I was studying Neuroscience and  Anthropology. I got excited about the idea of sharing my burgeoning enthusiasm for studying culture and sciences with younger people, and so I decided to explore Education as well. However, I didn’t want to disconnect from these other disciplines that interested in me. I was so grateful for the opportunity to do research with mentors across various fields, which changed how I perceived the education system and my potential place in it. After graduating, I spent a year in an AmeriCorps program called City Year tutoring and mentoring middle schoolers in Philadelphia. I worked in traditional preschools. I received an M.Ed. from UVA in Social Foundations of Education and discovered the Montessori system of education. I moved to San Diego to work in Montessori schools and train at a center there. Being a Montessori guide has now brought me to Asia where I worked first in Hong Kong and now in Bangkok at the Academy of Bangkok International School.  I hope that even after I move back to the U.S. I’ll continue to have international experiences as the Montessori style becomes increasingly well-known and the need for consultants continues to grow. 

Impact of Ursinus

My experiences at Ursinus were formative. The faculty pushed me to reach my full potential, and the experience enriched my life as an educator.