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Alex Giampino


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How I Became Interested in Music

I come from a big family of 5 children and we are all mostly musical in some form. My older brother just graduated as a vocal music education major at Rutgers and I am the next in line. In high school is really where my music entities soared I was involved with the marching band (2 years on alto sax, 2 years on mellophone, mello section leader), the jazz band (1 year on alto sax, 2 years on tenor sax, 1 year on trumpet), the wind ensemble (3 years on clarinet), the indoor winter drumline (2 years of marching cymbals, cymbals section leader), the spring musical in the cast (sub-lead every year), the chamber choir as well as regions & NJMEA all state choir (Bass I), and I was also contracted and marched on tour in 2017 with the Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps a top 3 corps in the DCA circuit on mello where I also received best rookie visual/marcher award. I have always loved music of all genres and love to listen, perform, and create music.

Current Musical Endeavors

I currently play 10 different instruments (alto/tenor/soprano sax, clarinet, trumpet, French Horn/mellophone, piano, voice, and currently learning the acoustic guitar right now) and I give private lessons to 2 local students in my local area. This Fall semester I am currently doing my schooling and learning experiences online/remote but intend on returning to campus in the Spring. I am also doing an internship with Crescendo Phoenixville giving lessons to beginner musicians and instrumentalists and letting them stay in touch with playing while through these crazy times of a pandemic.

Ursinus Music Ensembles and Clubs

When I arrived at Ursinus I was thrilled to get involved musically as much as possible. I have been involved in the Meistersingers, the Voices of Ursinus chamber choir (current Bass section leader) as well as the jazz ensemble (currently lead trumpet). In addition, the jazz band doubled as the pit band last semester when UC put on 9 to 5 the musical where I played trumpet/alto sax/clarinet.

My Favorite Thing About Music

My favorite thing about music is being able to share skills and a synthetic way of thinking and performing that draws people in and brings joy in an indescribable feeling.

Life After Ursinus

I was accepted and planned initially in doing the Disney College Program on the entertainment/attractions track for the spring semester but covid-19 cancelled it. Once I graduate I am pushing to combine both my majors together for a career like becoming a lobbyist and representing a music corporation/firm. If not, my backup plan would be to become a copyright enforcer for a company like Disney. And if that fails, then I can take one of the two majors and ride it out to see what I can do, both being great educations I learned thanks to Ursinus College.