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Research Assistant in the HEART Lab



Number of Positions

2 part time

Number of Positions Currently Available

2 part time

Accepting Applications

Immediately for Fall 2019


Under the direction of the principal Investigator, the Research Assistant is responsible for assisting in a variety of non-administrative tasks which may include preparing resources, equipment, materials for the research, documenting results, patient scheduling, visit coordination, supply ordering, and other activities that support the clinical trial. The student will also assist with the preparation of study-related reports, manuscripts, and presentations.

Requirements and Qualifications

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

- Self-motivation and confidence with a high level of responsibility and leadership in a large clinical research lab.

- Subject knowledge of cardiovascular health, exercise and diet intervention effects, and how to conduct patient-oriented research.

- Oral/written communication skills to contact, schedule, and work with both research patients and equipment reps

- Assist in conducting human research test appointments, including data collection and compilation.

- Ability to work independently, accurately and to problem solve technical and methodological issues that arise during the course of the research.

- Ability to apply sound research techniques, methodology and logical critical analysis. Ability to troubleshoot with equipment issues.

- Knowledge of clerical procedures and systems such as managing files, organizing patient test sheets, word processing, data entry and checking, and other office-related procedures.

- Must be available to work 20 hours per week, including some patient testing sessions on evenings and perhaps weekends.

- Proper/professional appearance in clinical lab and off-site at all clinical testing appointments.


Preferred Qualifications and/or Experience:

- Current CPR certification

- Current NIH or similar IRB training certification.

- Research experience with a faculty member.

- Awareness and training in Blood borne pathogen exposure.

- Ability to handle confidential and sensitive data with integrity.


Dr. Feairheller

HEP Faculty and HEART Lab Director

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